Where did that come from?

We have some exciting news!

We bought a home in Nevada! This may come as a surprise to some since we have been trying to move back to California, but with everything going on in our lives right now it didn’t make sense financially to move back. Our lease for our current house we are renting is ending in October and the rent was going to be going up. The thing I don’t understand about renting is why do they keep increasing it each year? As if people are going to stick around. I would think companies or owners would want someone to stick around so they can get payments.

We miss home and especially the weather so much. The summer heat is horrible, but Spring and Winter are nice. We bought a home in Henderson, NV and it’s gorgeous. After looking at a few in Las Vegas and Henderson we knew we found the one right when we walked in. We are excited it is an actual house since our first home buying experience was a nightmare. If you haven’t heard of our nightmare condo experience then just know it was awful. We will never buy a condo again or any property for that matter when you are so close to someone else or have someone else living on top of your place you own.

The house has 4 bedrooms and 3 baths. Two of the bedrooms are master bedrooms; which is nice because one can be a guest room. It has a jacuzzi, but like you need one in Las Vegas right?! All in all it’s a great place for our two pups and new baby to start out in. We feel very fortunate and blessed! I’ll probably post some before and after photos of the home since we will paint and redecorate.

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XO Allison



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