Memories for life

Hello there. My name is Allison and I am a mother to a beautiful girl named Kennedy. I wanted to start this blog post to have for memories and to update family members on current events in this little girls life. People keep telling me how “they” grow up fast and I don’t want to miss out on not recording these amazing memories.

Most do not know how hard it was to achieve this little crab (her nickname). Through this difficult journey I have learned what an amazing blessing and truly Gift from God a child can be. Instead of being quiet about this journey I want to speak the truth about how difficult it was – in hopes I can teach and educate others.


My little girl and I are lucky to have an amazing father/husband who has encouraged and support me to stay at home – if I wish – to help raise her with my undivided attention.

IMG_3071The decision to quit my job was surprisingly most difficult. You would think after complaining about my day non-stop for a few years I would jump at the opportunity to quit, but I didn’t. The scary thought of not helping provide for my new little one was extremely scary. After almost three months of deciding whether it was the right choice or not – my final thought ended up that there was no amount of money I could pay that would give me back the moments I missed of her “firsts.” Also, thinking of paying someone to feed, play, and rock her to sleep actually made me sad that my hard-earned money is going to something I wanted to do even if I was exhausted from being up all night. I am only a week in of being a stay at home mom. I never saw myself as that! I do plan on going back to work sooner rather than later. When you work as a recruiter you can only imagine the scary thought of how we judge peoples resumes and how I know people will be judging mine for taking awhile off to be a mom. I know I rolled my eyes at people for this because I didn’t understand nor have this experience.

Kennedy is now 12 weeks old and just 4 days shy of turning her big “3” well “3 months.”IMG_5031

I have been looking forward to three months since the day I found out she was colicky. Most will smile at this – if they were in the same situation because they know that three months is when it supposedly should start getting better because their digestive system is more developed. This little girl has had it rough since the beginning of her creation. She had fetal ductus arterioles in the womb.IMG_2294

After being born she went back to the ER and got admitted to stay through 1 overnight  for jaundice and then back in ER for eye infection, going though 4 different types of formula and screaming everyday and night from passing gas. I now feel like a baby expert with colicky/gassy babies.

Kennedy this week has started touching toys with a fist and slowly opening up her hand to bat at them. She also got a new toy – an activity center and loves it!


She is such a cute little talker. You can totally carry a conversation for 2 minutes straight, well with “ahh” and “woo” non-stop. Her smile!! Her smile is absolutely addicting and adorable. You can have the most shittiest day and look at her and she smiles and you feel like you won a billion dollars. I know because after 10 weeks this little crab smiled at me in the car when I just glanced at her and smiled casually and she smiled back. I instantly got brought to tears because it made me so happy! And not to act tough, but I’ve never had happy tears before.

Her hair. This is another hot topic. She’s got a natural fo-hawk. Need I say more?


This week she has been transitioning to laying down flat to sleep. When we first brought her home she went from bassinet to crib to swing. The swing has been a life saver for a colicky baby! We were terrified after all the stories we heard about, but once our pediatrician said it’s okay and what we could do to make it safe for her to sleep in – we DID it! This has helped tremendously. This week she is starting to sleep in her dock-a tot inside the bassinet. BUT WAIT! It still swings! Baby steps. We figured it would be best to get her adjusted to laying flat and then we will stop that motion. Again, baby steps and we will get there.

I hope you all enjoy this blog and subscribe! I plan on writing and updating often with our life events, her pictures and updates. Much love! Allison



6 thoughts on “Memories for life

  1. This is wonderful, Allison! Thank you from Southern California (which is just too far away from Henderson)! Your blog will help us feel closer to you and Jeff and Kennedy. ❤️
    Thank you again!

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  2. Love it. I never thought my little girl would gave thoughts and feelings like this. It’s a new kind of love, joy and sometimes tears. I’m thrilled w the decision Jeff and you have made and the sacrifice of losing a paycheck. You can never replace the memories you’ll get by doing this. I love you ❤️

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  3. Aww I love this! You’re doing a great job. Babies don’t come with an instructions manual so we have to write our own. When things get tough just take a deep breath, look into her beautiful eyes and that gorgeous smile and you’ll make it through! Can’t wait to read more!

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